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      Paul Vivien

        Hey I start this topic to gather informations and ideas !

        I found archives pictures of a roller system to move the transparent sheets to slide manually. It seems to have been sold as an option for OHP in the past. I’m thinking to design and build a prototype with 3D printing, in order to then motorize it to have automated moving projections. Here is the infos I found, looking for more if you have 🙂 I will continue with design posts whenever I have some

        – SunSplash Dukane SP2127 with rolling system :

        – Same with model SP2123A :

        – Liesegang (unknown model) :

        – Lumios OHP-2000 + OHP-2400 roller attachment option : Califone OHP-RL Roller Attachment

        I found a second-hand model to buy. The seller says it’s compatible with projectors Medium, Visalux, Liesegang, Kindermann, Kolok, etc… with a 22cm distance between the M4 screws. Other versions exists with 17,5 or 27cm distance. It might be good to include in the design the option to work at these 3 distances, so it could be compatible with any projectors or Visiophares


        A project by the artist Thomas Garnier use a DIY rolling system to create an infinite slide effect :

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