By creating this machine, we are encouraging people to consider technological discernment as a necessity for sustainability. There is no clear answer about our material future that is convergent with planetary limits.
So why not think and make things together?

1. Conference

Jean-François Jego – Stereolux, 2023

We can go back over the reasons why overhead projectors have been taken over and modified. Why it’s important to work on mediums as much as messages. Why the visual arts and storytelling are important for inventing a popular ecology.
We can also work in a more practical way on the ways in which we build these projectors, or conversely on the theories in the anthropology of techniques, ecology and conviviality that guide us.

2. Workshops

Workshop at Hôtel Pasteur – Rennes, 2023

There’s nothing like building a machine and creating a show to explore our relationship with objects.

We can :

  • build a machine
  • support the creation of a work

3. Tutorials

If you want to make and explore things yourself, please visit our forum and YouTube channel !