New dimensions
to interactive projections

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Sustainable tales

Low-tech mapping & vjing

Art with the people

Open source projector


Behind these projectors lies the story of artists and designers who want to develop a more sustainable approach to their work, starting from their tools.


Find LED modules, machines conversion, or rent complete machines ready to create.


As creating tools to tell visual tales is a never ending development, we share a space for discussions and ideas. Feel free to take part of it !


As artists, we create. As a community, we share our works. Here is a platform for overhead projectors artists and low-tech art visual show.


We make workshops to build a machine and introduce technological discernment process. We help you create a show built around sustainable issues. We make it participatory.

Social media

We share content about machines and shows we make.

We are a team of artists and designers passionate about projection mapping. We develop projection tools that we share to the people and live performances. It’s both a piece of art and an avant garde design project, a technological discernment process and a collaborative art platform.

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