Visiophare is a project developed by OYÉ – Art label and Croco Fumé. This website was setup to open source the result of our researches in November 2023.

OYÉ art label

Founded in Paris in 2015, OYÉ is a collective that brings together artists and designers. OYÉ’s artists hybridise disciplines to convey their sensitive and poetic view of our world. The label’s activities and creations take several forms:

Installations, VJing, audivisual performances, immersive projections, light sculptures, interactive installations, audiovisual performances, workshops and conferences.

Croco fumé

The Croco Fumé company was created in 2018 in Ramonville-Saint-Agne (Occitanie 31), south of Toulouse, following ten years of experimentation with street arts and circus groups. A fan of interdisciplinary hybrid forms, she has a style all her own: the Liquid Light Juggling Show; a fusion of Flow Arts and liquid visual projections using fluid mechanics.