How we started

We wanted to explore greater materiality when it came to visual effects for a monumental projection. Spending so much time behind our computers and then behind our video projectors was frustrating in terms of our relationship with people and less spontaneous, less textured.

It was also a question of humour. Tom was listening and participating in the design of processes and objects for a more sustainable life and, based on these discussions, we ironised on ecology and its complex relationship with the material world.

We then wanted to question the mediums of digital art to convey other messages across : how can we combine ecological and popular storytelling with appropriate tools for visual art that has to be performed and shown on large surfaces in the public space?

V1 machine

Ar-lumen, first show with visiophare in Sarzeau (La P’Art Belle festival, France).

V2 machine

A low-tech approach

Political concern

Today, our technological choices are political : the low-tech approach invites us to rethink what it means to innovate, and under what social conditions. What kind of society do we want?

Technological discernment as a political choice

We need to be able to choose technologies that are more or less advanced, while freeing ourselves from the need for high-tech. Modern utopia cannot solve the contemporary need to live with our environment. As far as possible, we try to do things differently:

  • By creating simple objects using mainly existing technologies and materials.
  • By systematically strengthening participation with people, for a social art.
    We want these objects to be companions rather than servants.

Energy efficiency

We use electricity but as little as possible. The LED modules are optimised and can be linked to sustainable energy production.

Open source development

We just started by exploring LED Modules to get a strong projection light. We converted old overhead projectors with that and we built few prototypes of structures made out of very simple materials, out of an Open Structure grid. We also tried few “effects cassettes” and animation tools to make visual content move smoothly during shows.

So if you’re interested by building a machine, if you want to remix, create components to animate some content : please feel free !


1. LED Module development

We have developed three modules suitable for projections of varying degrees of brightness. Each module has a dimmer to adjust brightness.
For more technical details, visit the shop.

Thes modules can be adapted to fit into existing overhead projectors. To convert your own, visit the forum.

LED module V3

We have set a spreadsheet with the measurements of spare parts from overhead projectors and the list of spare parts required for LED modules. To get the data, visit the forum.

2. Machine

LED modules can be used to convert overhead projectors simply, adding power, a new colour and saving energy.

To get a module, visit our shop. To make a conversion, visit the forum.

LED module V3

Machines are both works of art and our performance tools. We develop models that are suitable for working with groups, that can be reproduced with simple materials and tools, and that are suitable for creating effects for visual art shows.

You can participate to the development or share your ideas and making. You can use what we conceived by visiting the forum.

We can talk about our low-tech process and make workshops

In development machine V3

3. Animation tools

We are developing mechanical systems to animate content, and effect cassettes for artists to create and share their own “layers” of interactive content.

All the modules will be open source here.

V1 machine

We love to share and work with you.

We can talk about our low-tech process and make workshops.

V1 machine

What we can do together


As artists, we create. As a community, we share our works. Here is a platform for overhead projectors artists and low-tech art visual show.


We make workshops to build a machine and introduce technological discernment process. We help you create a show built around sustainable issues. We make it participatory.

Do it yourself


Find LED modules, machines conversion, or rent complete machines ready to create.


As creating tools to tell visual tales is a never ending development, we share a space for discussions and ideas. Feel free to take part of it !