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      Captain D. Light

        During our research, we began to compile the following data :

        – Overhead projector parts (diameter of halogen bulb, fresnel, mirror, lens dimensions,….)

        Cooling units (model / brand, tension, dimensions,…)

        Module tests (lux out of led, lux on screen, temperature,…)

        You can see our data in this three-panel table. 

        Data : Modules tests & cooling units

        If you have additional data, let us know so that we can add it.

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          I’ve completed the lumens column in the spreadsheet (calculating the values assuming the measures were more or less made as descibed here in the “What are ANSI lumens ?” chapter.) I’m a bit confused by the order of magnitude discrepency between the values in the spreadsheet and the ones displayed on the shop. I may just be missing a piece of information, but it seems this might be a mystery worth elucidating..

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